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GF denotes items that are Gluten Free

Dinner Menu

Soups & Starters

Big Salads (GF)

Add To Any Salad

Grilled Chicken Breast 7.00 | Grilled Shrimp Skewer 8.00 | Grilled North Atlantic Salmon 10.00 | Grilled NC Tuna 10.00 | Delicately Fried Oysters 9.00 | Broiled Crabcake 14.00

Sauces And Dressing May Need To Be Left Off Items Marked Gluten Free

Raw Seafood (GF)

Steamed Seafood (GF)

Steamer items may not arrive with selections from the kitchen due to differences in cooking times

Add potato and vegetable to any steamer item 5.00

Seafood Dinner Entrees

Kids Meals

Dinner Entrees

Steamer Items May Not Arrive With Selections From The Kitchen Due To Differences In Cooking Times

Eating raw or undercooked oysters, clams or shellfish may cause severe illness. If you eat shellfish and become sick, see a doctor immediately.